Wager-free bonuses and why they’re better than no deposit offers

Let’s be completely honest, we’re all after something for nothing in this day and age, and that’s why no deposit casino bonuses are so popular with punters and operators alike. 

Bonus cash and free spins with no deposit required allow players to get a good feel for an online casino without having to put any of their own money in, this is especially attractive to players as there’s the opportunity that they might come out of the other side with winnings!

The only downside to accepting a no deposit offer is that players are more than likely going to have to play through their bonus several times over in order to withdraw any winnings, and even when they are ready to do so, those winnings are likely to be capped. 

It’s not difficult to see why players are drawn towards no deposit bonuses, they’re incredibly attractive and often generous, however, they’re not the be-all and end-all when it comes to welcome offers, there are other options available, namely wager-free casino bonuses. Whilst you may have to put a deposit down to take advantage, we can assure you they’re worth it.

How do wager-free casino bonuses work? 

Imagine a brand new casino has offered you £100 in bonus cash with a 50x wagering requirement… To withdraw any money won from that £100 you’re first going to have to wager a total of £5,000 to unlock the winnings. 

Wagering £5,000 doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to win £5,000, you just need to make enough spins to that value for the duration of the bonus, however, there’s a very real threat that you’ll lose all your money during that time.

Wager-free casino bonuses completely remove the need for players to play through a certain amount of money to be eligible to make a withdrawal, absolutely everything the player wins from the outset is theirs to keep with no strings attached. 

Players will usually receive a generous number of free spins to play on a specific online slot game once they’ve made their first deposit (usually somewhere between £10 and £20). The free spins players receive can almost always be used immediately, however, bigger deals reaching over 100 free spins may well be spread out across several deposits.

Why do casinos offer wager-free casino bonuses?

Wager-free casino bonuses mostly come in the form of free spins, mainly because online slots have a much higher house edge than other games, meaning that the cost of offering these bonuses are significantly lower than others. 

Furthermore, if an operator was to give away £100 in bonus cash then they would be spending £100, whereas 100 free spins (at the lowest stake of 10p per spin) would only cost them £10.

Ultimately, wager-free bonuses tend to attract a greater number of players whilst still keeping costs low. It’s much more affordable to get 100 new players registered for the total cost of £1,000 compared to getting 100 players registered at a total cost of £10,000. 

Of course, many of these players will go on to become loyal customers and the operators will eventually recoup the money they spent to draw them in… But this is not always the case, some new players won’t stick around once they’ve taken money from their bonus, which is one of the reasons they’re perhaps not more widespread.

Should players avoid bonuses with wagering requirements?

Players should remember that the generosity of online casinos can only stretch so far. Even though it might seem like it, there’s no endless pot of money they can offer to brand new players. Just like any business, online casinos have to protect their interests in order to remain financially viable.

Most good no deposit offers come with wagering requirements, but it’s completely understandable with this type of casino bonus… If the wagering requirements weren’t in place players would be getting something for nothing, and there have to be some caveats, otherwise it would be financial suicide for operators. 

Despite being advocates for wager-free casino bonuses we do not consider bonuses with wagering requirements to be a bad thing at all, as long as they can be reasonably fulfilled.

There’s a fine line between offering players a fair and honest welcome bonus and offering players a welcome bonus that’s always going to be just out of reach. 

If you’re happy with going the extra mile to get a little bit more for your deposit, by all means, tackle those wagering requirements, if not we urge you to make the most wager-free bonuses!

Why should players consider taking a wager-free casino bonus?   

When you take a casino bonus with wagering requirements you can quite easily find yourself sitting there for hours trying to calculate how much you’ve spent and how much you still need to wager in order to be anywhere close to making a withdrawal. 

Quite frankly this is boring, frustrating and does not sound at all enjoyable to us. The fact of the matter is that players don’t accept bonuses to sit and do maths, they accept casino bonuses to have good fun playing games, hopefully making a profit in the process.

What’s more, most wager-free casino bonuses are tied to popular online slot games such as Starburst, Age of the Gods and Gonzo’s Quest, just to name a few. So you’ll get to enjoy fantastic online slots without the frustration of seeing your money swallowed up whilst chasing unobtainable wagering requirements. 

We can offer you a very straightforward answer with regards to why players should consider accepting a wager-free casino bonus. Because they’re transparent, fast to redeem and most importantly incredibly fun to play!