Online Casino Canada

Are you trying to find a Canadian online casino? The best online casinos in Canada have come a long way to the point where they are now. Some of them took a few years to start offering the best gambling experience, great bonuses, and wonderful casino games. Look at the list below and pick the best online casino for you.

Best Canadian Online Casinos 2020

4.9 / 5

C$1500 BONUS + 120 FS

4.9 / 5

C$1500 BONUS + 140 FS

4.8 / 5

C$1600 BONUS

4.7 / 5

C$500 BONUS + 100 FS

4.7 / 5

C$500 BONUS + 200 FS

4.6 / 5

C$1500 BONUS + 150 FS

4.6 / 5

C$1000 BONUS

4.6 / 5

$2000 BONUS + 100 FS

4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5

C$1000 BONUS

4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5

C$1200 BONUS

4.5 / 5

C$1600 BONUS

4.4 / 5

C$100 BONUS + 100 FS

4.3 / 5

C$500 BONUS + 100 FS


What is an online casino?Online Casinos

A casino is a place where people bet and gamble to win a bunch of money. They say winning in a casino is just luck but, it’s also about strategies and knowing your game. It is an indoor amusement place, plus the money. A classic casino you see has enormous slot machines, craps, roulette, a large table for blackjack, and more. But casinos grow through time, from physical slot machines and tables, online casinos started to grow. And a lot of people are going for it.

Online casino is a web-based version of the games from classic casinos. The games are almost, if not better, from what you see in a traditional casino. Also, there’s no need to travel for you to play. As long as you have a device, maybe a smartphone, laptop, or iPad, you can already take part in a game.

Types of Online Casinos in Canada

We can group online casinos into many categories. It depends on what games the casino offers, the device you are playing from, or the banking method you use. In general, Canadian online casinos divide into two main categories:

Software Casinos 

A random-number generated casino where you play with computers. If you’re used to playing slot machines and video poker, they are also a computer-generated but only with a machine.

Live Casinos

You will play with other online players with a live dealer. It is similar in playing card games such as blackjack or baccarat only in a virtual model. Live casinos guarantee a more exciting experience. 

What makes the online casino best?

Here at the, we listed the best online casinos in Canada. All gambling sites you can find here had to meet several requirements before being placed on the list. Some of them are:

  • safety and security
  • big bonuses
  • a variety of games
  • different banking methods
  • fast withdrawals
  • and much more!

What can you experience in a Canadian Online Casino?

There are many online casinos in Canada. Here’s what you can find while playing at top online casino sites:

Safe experience 

Every Canadian player wants to feel secure while playing in an online casino. That is why the top online casinos that you can find on our website aim to give high-quality security. Each site has a valid license by the bonafide organization like Nova Scotia Alcohol, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, UK Gambling Commission, or Malta Gaming Authority. An online casino license guarantees fair play, safe banking methods, and data encryption protocol.

Incredible casino bonuses

A best online casino should also give the most generous gifts to its players. These are the online casinos that offer up to 200% – 300% welcome bonus and a good number of free spins. You should also check out their many deals that have combination promos and loyalty bonuses. Check the list of the best Canadian online casinos above to see their best promotions.

Top-quality games from best providers

When choosing an online casino, players consider the top games of each casino. They also pick the ones that the best game providers supervise. Slot games, roulette, and blackjack are the most popular games offered in Canadian real money casinos

A variety of deposit methods

When making a deposit, players always go for the online casino that transacts quick, easy, and safe. There are many ways to make a deposit, some casinos allow you to deposit and withdraw your prizes to your chosen payment method, and some are only to deposit money.

Fast withdrawals

When players had a great time playing, and they won the grand prize, they might often want to claim their rewards right away. Because who wants to wait for a week? While there are still some casinos that take so long in making a cash-out, players tend to find the online casino that will offer that feature to them.

Play in top online casinos in Canada

Canadians deserve to enjoy playing in the best online casinos. Here at the Casinobosscanada, our mission is the deliver high-quality information about online casinos in Canada. But our website is not only about casino listings and bonuses. We also rate Canadian online casinos. Read our reviews to get insights on:

  • bonuses
  • games
  • customer service
  • banking methods

Online casinos in different provinces

Although online gambling is legal all over Canada, there are slight differences between provinces. Find out more information below:

Alberta online casino

To get involved in online gambling in Alberta, you need at least 18 years old.

Online casino Quebec

In the province of Quebec, the minimum age is 18 to enjoy playing in an online casino.

Ontario online casino

You need 18 years old to register into an online casino in Ontario.

Online casino BC

British Columbia allows people over 19 to gamble online. 

Online casino Nova Scotia

In the province of Nova Scotia, the minimum age is 19 to play online. 

Saskatchewan online casino

To get involved in online gambling in Saskatchewan, you need at least 18 years. 

Newfoundlands & Labrador online casino

Players from Newfoundlands & Labrador need at least 18 years old to gamble online.

Online casino Manitoba

In Manitoba, the age limit is 18. 

New Brunswick online casino

In the province of New Brunswick, the minimum age is 18 to play in online casinos.

Yukon online casino

Yukon allows people over 19 to play online casino games.

Northwest territories online casino

If you are over 19, then it would not be any issues.

Nunavut online casino

People from Nunavut can gamble online if they are over 19. 

Prince Edwards Island online casino

In Prince Edwards Island, you need 18 to sign up for an online casino.

Games in Canadian online casinos

Games in an online casino are not entirely different from a traditional casino. It usually caters to almost every game. It also promotes less physical interaction and more intellectual strategy and ability. Here are some of the games you can play in an online casino:

Online Blackjack

This is almost similar when playing on a real table, the same rule applies, but there are few differences. Like in blackjack online, the deck shuffles after every turn. So there’s no chance in counting the number of cards in a deck.

Online Slots

They don’t have much of a difference compared to a physical slot machine since both are computer-generated and uses a random number generator. Both physical and online slots display random numbers or figures as a result.

The only significant difference is its portability. You can play on your smartphones and gadgets even if when you’re chilling at Timmies. Although physical slot machines are everywhere, who wouldn’t love comfort?

Online Roulette

As with online slot machines, it’s almost the same with a real roulette. Only the size differs. Just a hint, if you’re going to play online roulette, switch to the European version. The chances of winning are a bit higher than the American version.

Online Craps 

In this game, the same rules apply, but we all know that your favorite part is the adrenaline and cheering of other players while watching a real dice roll on a physical table. It what gives you fun and excitement. But in online craps, you will watch the dice that you don’t control to roll for yourself. It is still the same game just a bit less of the fun.

Video poker

Close to video poker you usually see on a traditional casino. Both use software and computer-generated codes and have the same chances of winning the bet.


From a traditional casino shifting to new online casinos, you may ask a lot of questions to ensure your invested money and time. Here are things you need to know:

Is it safe to play in Canadian online casino?

You may find yourself interested in playing, but you’re not sure if it’s safe. Is it because of the information casino asks when you sign up with your credit card credentials and other information? Afraid of being a victim of cyber crimes? But let me tell you, over the past years, only a few came to light as scams coming from online gambling.

 How would you know if it’s safe? 

You may want to avoid sketchy online casinos with unbelievable bonuses. You may also want to check the site on your web browsers and see if it is safe. Please check the software used in a specific casino. A few of the most reliable software used are Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt.

Going on the more technical part, most of the legit casinos that are asking for your bank credentials are using data encryption. What is that? Well, when you type your data and send it, it goes into a block of encrypted codes only computers can understand. How would you know your data crypts? Just click your search bar and check the link. If the site says “https” on the link, then it means they are secure sockets layer (SSL) certified.

Other factors to consider

Another fact to consider is that casino software uses random number generators. It combines a computer algorithm and a random number generator that maintains the fairness of the game.

Also, most of the players don’t seem to notice, but legit online casinos have privacy policies. You can see it at the bottom of the website or somewhere near the submit button. What is the use of privacy policies? It is to assure the players that the online casinos will not make use, distribute or sell your information.

Another thing to check is the online casino’s gaming license. They won’t be able to run smoothly if they don’t have it. You can find it at the bottom of the website and usually on the about us page.

The authorities who check the website’s reliability ensure that the online casino is bug-free has no complaints and no reported cybercrimes before they issue the gaming license.

What is online casino software?

Online casino software’s primary function is to maintain the fairness of the game. It is not ultimately favored to the player neither to the casino. When considering an online casino, you must choose the reliable and reputable software providers. A good casino software provides ease of use, security from malware, scams, and other viruses. One thing about casino software that other users did not know is that casino software is very smart and competitive. The casino software is programmed, so the chances of winning might change to higher or lower luck.

Types of Casino Software

There are three types of online casino software. Let’s talk a little bit about each one of them:

Standalone Software

You may also call it Desktop Application software. These are the crowd’s favorite. You just need to go to the casino’s website, click the download link and done! It offers a better gaming experience compared to other software. It has better graphics, lesser ads, and there’s no need for a web browser. Just the application on your laptop with an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Mobile Applications

These are the games usually played on smartphones and tablets. These are the applications you can download on the stores of your mobile phones. Although this is an excellent idea for on the go people, there are some issues to point out if you consider this. First, it is prone to network disconnection, and second, since smartphones and tablets are smaller than a laptop, it is a bit harder to play roulette and other games that require a bigger screen. But Canucks love to play on the go, so they usually prefer this software.

Web-based Software

These are web-based games that you can get access to instantly. There is no need to download. All you will be needing is a device that supports the site you want to play on. You may also want to double-check if your tablet or smartphone has Adobe Flash.

Here’s a list of most trusted Online Casino Softwares in Canada:

  • Real Time Gaming (RTG)
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Aristocrat
  • NetEnt
  • IGT 
  • NYX
  • Mekur
  • Novomatic

Are online casinos in Canada fair? Can I win?

Since we already talked about the software in an online casino, participating in a game is a game of risk and uncertainties. You might not win in the first few games, but who knows? Maybe in the next games, you’ll hit the jackpot. They say it is just about luck and strategy.

If you ask us what the game you can play that will make you win more are, we can’t say anything. But you can try winning on slot games where the stakes are usually high. Skills wise, you may want to test your strategies on blackjack; it combines betting skills and intellectual techniques.

Can I play with no deposit yet win real money?

Yes, it is possible to play without depositing your cash. If you play only for entertainment and to not win real money. And if you are too afraid to give out your credit card details to the service providers. Canadian online casinos offer a demo game. You can play for free. Also, you will get the opportunity to use virtual casino chips for free, and when you win, you will not receive real money since it was just a demo game. 

On the other hand, very few online casinos offer a unique “no deposit welcome bonus” for first time players. Wherein all you need to do is to sign up, and they will reward you with a small incentive that you can use to win real money. It is just a petty penny, but if the odds are in your favor, you might win with that.

Other players also try to play in a demo mode and practice their strategies, and then later on signs up for a no welcome deposit bonus. It somehow gives them the advantage to win a game because they studied it before betting with real money.

What is a wagering requirement?

Winning or hitting the jackpot in a casino is an excellent feeling. It makes you feel excited about the money you have earned throughout your game. But if you are new to online casinos, you may not know that you can’t instantly claim your winnings after you won a game. It is because every online casino has a wagering requirement. So what is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement is what makes the player and the casino remain fair and balance. It is the number you need to play even though you already won a game. You can’t withdraw your winnings unless you reach the wagering requirement.

Let’s say you won a C$30 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement. It means that you have to spend C$600 to be able to withdraw your winnings. When you win while playing to reach the wagering requirement, all your rewards will go to your pending balance.

You can’t use your pending balance to play and reach the quota of your wagering requirement, and you can’t with withdraw your money in your pending balance. If you reached the wagering requirement, the casino would transfer your winnings from pending balance to “Main Wallet.”

Before playing and betting, make sure you will always check the terms and conditions of each game you play. Numerous people don’t read these, but it will give you the proper knowledge about the wagering requirements.

What is House Edge?

Physical and online casinos run to make money. With that, you can notice that almost every game in the casino favors the casino. That gives them bigger chances of winning, what’s called the House Edge. It is why they can afford to offer an enormous amount of money as a bonus. It is the collected amount of bets from the gamblers because obviously, the casino wins more often than the player.

However, not all games are on the casino’s favor. Table games such as blackjack, baccarat, and poker depend on how good the player is because the computer does not control table games.

How can I sign up for an account? What are the rewards in a VIP account? How can I claim it?

First things first, you will have to find the online casino you want to play in. Next, you have to sign up, and after registration, you will pay your first, massive deposit. After that, you are already a VIP user.

After playing a game, the casino’s software will count the points you already have and earned. You could see it at the player account. And it’s effortless, unlike checking your rewards on a brick casino. Also, know that when you are already a VIP member, the winning rate changes: different games, different rates. 

Perks of being a VIP member are:

  • Free Spins,
  • Cashbacks,
  • Gifts,
  • Match Bonuses,
  • And more.

What is a welcome bonus?

Every single online casino offers a welcome bonus, or sign up bonus, to new customers who are opening an account. They consist of free chips to win a game, and they take significant advantage of winning online instead of playing in a classic casino venue. It could seem too suspiciously generous that you can get free money from signing up, but really, you can.

When you started playing in an online casino, you should make use of their welcome bonuses. It will help you win a lot of prizes. But you need to know how these rewards work. Not all bonuses are equal. We usually think that a massive amount of casino bonuses will help us, but little did we know that sometimes we can use lesser rewards better than a significant amount of bonuses.

We can say that with a higher amount of rewards comes a higher wagering requirement. As we mentioned above, you can only claim your rewards and bonuses until you meet the requirements. That is why it is usually easier to win and collect with a lower amount of bonuses.

Other types of bonuses

There are a few types of casino bonuses that you can meet when you signed up on an online casino for the first time.

Deposit bonuses or match bonuses are the bonus you can get when you make your first deposit. Let’s say you deposited C$400, and there is a 100% deposit bonus. It is equal to C$800, twice of your paid deposit. Other casinos offer a deposit bonus for up to the first four times of paying where the reward gets higher when you make a deposit again. 

No deposit bonus is very rare today. It is usually for the players who are just trying out the game. As we mentioned earlier, this type of bonus is for the players who are unsure if they want to put real money in the game. And once they got the flow of the game, they can pay their first deposit. 

Another type of bonus is the Phantom Bonus. It is for wagering requirements. You can use it when you’re trying to reach a condition to withdrawing your prize.

Why do online casinos give us welcome bonuses? It is because they take this an opportunity for marketing. You think that you are making the right choice with your casino because of its bonus. But the online casinos do use this as an avenue for the players to choose them.

Is Canadian online casino tax-free?

Another thing is that did you know that online casinos in Canada are tax-free? Yes. Winning in an online casino is not like any other television game shows that will entice you to join, and when you do, they’ll ask you to pay taxes for your prize.

But in Canadian online casinos, you don’t have to think of paying your fees at all! You can have all your winnings with you. And you don’t have to pay a massive amount of money to claim your prize. But why? It is because casual gambling in Canada is not a stable job, and you can’t get taxed for it. The money you get from winning is not a steady income. That’s why tax collectors can’t charge you for it. But keep in mind that when earned interest with your prize, you need to declare it because that is taxable. Hence, if you decline to do so, you could be fined. 

Also, a professional casino player, may it be online or live, should pay their taxes. However, it is easy to hide if you’re a pro player. It is because the Canada Revenue Agency can’t easily detect if a player is a pro or not. Because other players conceal it by putting up another business that profits, and it can cover the money they receive from winning in an online casino. It can result in a significant effect on other companies.   

Tips on how to win in an Online Casino

If you’re a newbie in the online casino, you might be wondering how to outsmart the casino. Well, there’s no concrete answer since a software maintains online casinos. But we can give you some tips that you can use to win a game or maybe hit the jackpot: 

Find the perfect casino for you

You should know the online casino that is right for you. You can do a little research on your browsers. Check on and maybe try on some game that offers a demo. Look for a casino that will maximize your money. A good casino is also transparent; always check you can withdraw your prizes fast. You should also check their license is legal and is from the international gambling authorities and look for their online casino software. It is also helpful if you check the reviews of a casino on the web. Usually, the best casino in Canada will appear when you look for it on your browsers. Be smart, when you read the reviews, some of it is just for marketing purposes. Some reviews bias to other casinos.

Choose your game

Playing out all the possible casino games in an online casino is not ideal when you are trying to win a game. You can try a few games that we wish to play, and you must know the flow to win. It means that you have to focus on one game you liked the most. Playing the demo will also help you to figure out how the game works. You can research for tips on how to win a game and their strategies. We are not advising you to cheat on a game not just because it is unethical, but it also illegal. You can get sued for cybercrime if you attempt to cheat on the casino.

Do not be afraid to take some risk

Just do it and aim for the jackpot. That’s your main goal, isn’t it? If you want to win big, you should. Without a brave heart, you won’t be able to test your luck. What if you win? It is also advisable to read the winning odds on the game you chose. Our sources said that the chances of hitting the jackpot in the slot games are good. But you should not go all-in all the time. If you have some hidden techniques and skills, you may want to try playing baccarat online and blackjack because it requires skillful thinking while in the game. If you are going for fun with a group of cheering people, try craps, winning the jackpot in that game is also easy.

Play wisely and do not spend all your money

Play according to your budget. Spend your money wisely by playing the games you want. Play responsibly and plan your budget. Make your money worth it by spending it on the game you already know, don’t go overboard. Be careful with your money so that you will not waste your savings on the online casino. And always check your balance so that you know when to stop.

Keep your head above the game

When you win in an online casino, you are getting excited to play again and again until you win again. And when you are losing, you don’t want to stop because you want to take back the money that you have lost. It’s addicting when you don’t know when to stop. You don’t want to stop because you are on fire, and you want to hit the jackpot. That’s how you lose.

That is why you have to plan and, you have to keep your head above the game. When you win a game, it is not harmful to bet again for another round. It only gets ugly if you have a losing streak, and yet, you still don’t stop. You should set a goal or a limit when you are playing, that once you reached this number of winning or losing streak, you will stop gambling for the day. Don’t worry about your wagering requirement. It will not go anywhere. Just be responsible and don’t get bankrupt when you are just trying to enjoy it.

Gifts, Bonuses, Terms, and Conditions

Every online casino has a lot of promotions for its players. Bonuses are one of their ways to market their brand. It also entices the customers to sign up for their casino. Who doesn’t love freebies? They also offer bonuses to their loyal customers. You can get free spins, added game money, no wagering bonuses, or more. Bonuses and rewards are one of the good things an online casino can offer. But you should always check when you can claim and how you would claim this fantastic gifts.

Play games with a lower House Edge

Explore all the offered games if possible, but you might want to take a bet to the games that have a low house edge. Take blackjack as an example, since it is a strategy game, the house edge is a bit smaller than the slot games. If you are good at table games, it is a significant advantage for you.

Have fun!

Do not forget that you signed up for an online casino because you want entertainment. Just a friendly reminder, you should let yourself get addicted to the game, especially when you are winning. After all, it is a casino, and its primary goal is to make money. Do not forget to enjoy the game even when you are losing. It is a fun and perfect way of keeping yourself busy, but a lot of people are getting anxieties when they don’t win or when they lost all their money. Do not be a keener. If you are not winning already, maybe it is just not your day. You can try your luck in the next days. Do not spend all your money in one sitting. Just enjoy the game!